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Schull Law, P.L.L.C.
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Introducing Your


Diane L. Schull is a Family Law attorney establishing her own practice in Spring 2020. Diane has been part of the legal system since 1993. She was formerly employed by the Grand Forks Police Department, first as a 911 dispatcher and later becoming the Property and Evidence Coordinator. With training in forensic photography, shooting reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, and crime scene reconstruction, Diane was certified by the International Association of Investigation as a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst in 2009. Diane was also a member of the International Association for Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, a founding member of the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Evidence Technician Committee, and Past President of the International Association for Identification Dakotas Division.


Our Practice Areas

Pre-Judgement & 



Family Law

Family Law isn't limited to representing a party in a divorce settlement. Now, more than ever, Family Law has various areas that may require a lawyer including divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, and child support, spousal support, and paternity.   Family law also includes services in the areas of parenting/custody investigations, parenting time coordinator/expeditor, Guardian ad Litem, and mediation. 


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Guardianship & 


Establishing legal guardianship allows a family member, friend, or other trusted agent to make decisions on behalf of a mentally incapacitated adult or a special needs child. Legal guardianship is an option that people often turn to when someone's health deteriorates suddenly and there is an immediate need. It allows the guardian to make legal, financial, and health care decisions for the incapacitated person, who is known as the ward.



Adoption is the process of establishing the legal relationship of parent and child between two individuals.  Adoption generally includes termination of parental rights of one or more of the minor child’s biological parents. 

The family law attorneys at Schull Law counsel adoptive parents and expectant mothers throughout North Dakota and western Minnesota. We represent clients in a broad range of adoptive matters.


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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a term used for the process of planning for your future. Estate planning can involve creating a Will or Trust to determine what will happen to your property when you die and name a guardian for your minor children;  creating a healthcare directive to provide instructions for your health care during your life, your end of life decisions, and your funeral; and creating a power of attorney to allow someone else to handle your finances in case of incapacity; and.   

Many people find the thought of estate planning overwhelming and intimidating.  At Schull Law, we are committed to making the estate planning process as stress-free as possible.  

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