We had a wonderful experience working with Diane Schull at Brudvik Law Office to finalize our adoption. From our initial consultation to our courtroom experience, everything was smooth and easy to navigate. Diane thoughtfully answered our questions and communicating with her was always fast and reliable. If you're looking for a family lawyer, consider Diane and Brudvik Law Offices! This made our final step in our adoption easy and stress-free!

Amanda |  2019

Ohhhh, Diane. She is an amazing and kind person...that knows how to get the job done and help guide a complete mess to a better outcome. She cares about that outcome, too! There is no doubt the amount of time and thought she puts into her work!

Melissa | 2020 

Diane is amazing! She was quick, efficient, kind, and really made me feel like I mattered. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of help.

Karly | 2019

Diane at Brudvik law is absolutely amazing! She is an excellent attorney and an all-around pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her. She is a life saver during tough times!!!!!!

Shawn| 2018

I just want to say a big thank you to Diane! She is an awesome attorney and got the divorce done fast. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. If anyone ever needs a divorce attorney I would highly recommend her!

Jamie | 2019

She is simply amazing. In family cases regarding the kids, it is so important that an attorney is into your case 100%. You need someone to represent you to the fullest so you can have the best outcome. She did a great job..I would recommend Diane if you want the job to be done right the first time.

Sheki-Sanela | 2019

Diane was helpful in explaining my legal options and the best way for me to proceed. I never felt like she was working for money and instead, I felt she was working to solve a legal problem I had involving my grandchildren. She was respectful, apologized when she felt she took too long to respond to me - even though that was never the case; and she was very cognizant of my time, my choices, and my money. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with child custody matters.

Lisa  | 2019

Diane worked hard to negotiate a reasonable settlement with my ex-wife, especially during the negotiation process. She handled questions and documents quickly, so it was a pleasure working with her.

Anonymous | 2020

Diane is a very thorough and prepared lawyer. She is friendly and easygoing. She does not nickel and dime her clients. She knows the law and is always prepared in court. She won my case as I’m sure she could win yours!

Mikayla | 2020

Diane was such a help through our step-parent adoption. She knows the process thoroughly and was always available to answer our questions. In addition, she did it at a very affordable rate. If you are looking for a lawyer that can help you through the adoption process, look no further. Diane is the person you should talk to.

T. Blaine  | 2020

Diane is very knowledgeable at what she does and gives her advice willingly. I especially like how she gets the job done as quickly as possible by setting deadlines for individuals to respond back to her. She always keeps you well informed. I definitely recommend Diane.

Roger  | 2020

Diane has represented me for multiple things. She is a great attorney to work with, very kind, and knows what she is doing. I would definitely return to her for future matters.

Anonymous | 2020

I was referred to the firm Diane was working for by a family member. When I called to set up an appointment, I took the first available opening due to the nature of my need. When I first met with Diane I was distraught and going through a very tough time. She was calm and collected and helped me get my thoughts sorted out and offered a plan of action. I hired Diane to help me file for legal separation. I worked with her over the span of several months and she was very good at keeping me informed and updated. She met me at my hearing and made me feel at ease when I was feeling quite anxious. The process of separation/divorce was not easy, but Diane made things go as smoothly as possible.

Lindsay | 2021

Diane was very prompt and thorough throughout our adoption process. I appreciate the professionalism, yet still personable. I would recommend Diane to anyone seeking an adoption attorney.

Ashley | 2021

I have a hard time putting myself into words but I did want to take a moment to express our gratitude. Mrs. Schull was the first out of many calls that would actually sit and listen to our case. We had an interesting one and the laws for ND had changed the same time we were fitting for guardianship of a minor. She was there for us for all the hardships and continued to reach out to us after the court was over. She helped our family in so many ways and was also our strength when we no longer had it. She stepped up so many times during our case and for that, we are forever grateful. I have worked with lawyers in the past and she is not like any other. She treats you and your family with respect and understanding vs others that see you as a cash cow. I highly recommend her for all of your custody needs.

Anonymous | 2021

I’ve needed a lawyer many times over my life and she’s been the best.

Brayden | 2021